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Instore personal banker

Job description:description you might be asking yourself, "what exactly is an instore universal banker " we partner with top regional grocery store chains throughout our footprint to place bank branches right inside their store. as an instore universal banker, you are at the forefront of delivering an exceptional banking experience to our customers as part of a convenient instore branch team. instore universal bankers value strong relationships and find great satisfaction in helping others while offering sound advice. the dynamic and high-traffic environment of the instore branch provides maximum opportunity for customer-centric, motivated and confident advisors like you to connect with customers and build a pipeline of new business for citizens bank. you'll make the most of every opportunity to be successful as a self-starter and "people person". a day in the life of an instore universal banker engage with instore customers to build and deepen relationships by uncovering financial needs and recommending ap...
01 dicembre 2017 - 16:00
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