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Technical sourcer (8519914) - san mateo, ca

San Mateo
Skills: 3 years technical recruiting or sourcing experience for a search firm or in¬house recruiting team. experience sourcing hw/sw engineering, product/program mgmt, infrastructure, and it engineers with a history of using creative and unique approaches to find candidates. broad knowledge of programming languages, web technologies, software development process and emerging technologies. ability to identify specific job seeker motivations and tell a compelling story. goal orientated self-starter with a tenacious drive to find the most qualified candidates. ability to maintain strong relationships with recruiters, hiring managers, business partners, candidates and agencies “team first” mentality . strong business acumen to be able to comprehend business needs and structure. unwavering belief in the value and benefit of diversity & inclusion within an organization. skills and experience: required skills: technical sourcing additional skills: self-starter software development software developm...
23 settembre 2018 - 02:00
 Ismart Recruit   Jobomas

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