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American sign language (asl) freelance interpreter-onsite - lincoln - ...

Job description at akorbi, we are seeking qualified and certified interpreters who are team players that want to succeed and grow with a dynamic, innovative company!interpreters should have some industry experience, work well under pressure, have subject matter expertise, and a good understanding of related industry terminology. our focus is in the healthcare industry, health insurance, medical care/legal/court/financial and customer service. job description:independent contract interpreters to provide onsite consecutive interpreting.languages needed : american sign language asl - experience performing onsite face-to-face interpreting in a healthcare facility, community, medical office, or equivalent.-able to communicate effectively and professionally with all levels of staff and members/patients.-technology and internet savvyresponsibilities:-ability to work under pressure in real time• follow the guidelines for code of ethics and conduct, along with hipaa compliance requirements. if you are qualifie...
02 dicembre 2018 - 21:00
 Akorbi Language Solutions   Jobomas

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